IT Services

At KAC Technology Services, fixing PCs that run Microsoft Windows is one of our specialties. Whether it is a laptop or a desktop, and regardless of the manufacturer, there is almost nothing that we are not capable of fixing. We offer onsite computer services.

Computer Repair

Is your computer running slow or not able to get online? With years of experience in computer tune-ups or virus removals, we can restore your computer to what you would expect. KAC provides on-site or off-site repair for all your convenience needs.

Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Adware and Ransom-ware Removal

Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Adware, and Ransom-ware is one of the most common problems that PC users face these days on their computers. All it takes to get infected can be visiting the wrong web site, clicking the wrong link, or downloading the wrong attachment. Once infected, your computer can be crippled with popups, search bars, and other annoying and invasive features that track your every move on the internet, all to effectively advertise to you better. Cleaning these infections is something that we specialize in, and can usually complete right in front of you. We always automatically tune up your computer after cleaning any infections, to make sure whatever damage has been done gets nullified. Please view our virus removal page for more information.

If your laptop screen is cracked, isn’t giving a display, or is giving a partial or fragmented display, there is a strong likelihood that you need to have your screen replaced. KAC, we specialize in replacements for both PC and Mac laptop screens. The vast majority of laptop screens need to be special ordered, though most we can get in stock within 3 business days. We can help you identify your model # over the phone and give an accurate quote within just a few minutes of you calling. Please take a look at out laptop screen repair page for more information.

Is your computer acting sluggish or slow? Getting random error messages, or are updates failing to load? Maybe your computer takes a lot longer to boot or to shut down than it used to? It is possible that your system needs a computer tune up to start running again like it used to. It is also possible that your operating system has become corrupted. While it sounds bad, it is pretty common. Under either scenario, we are well prepared and here to serve.

No job too small. Give us a call (724) 961-6119 to discuss your issues.

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KAC Technology Services is weeks from launching a new complete HVAC Flat Rate Pricing App years in the making. With thousands of industry repair parts and labor pricing in the database.

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Cracked iPhone 5/5C/5S...$65.00
Cracked iPhone 6...$85.00

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We offer a wide range of professional experience in Website Design and Implementation to Website Search Engine Optimization to Onsite IT Repairs to keep your equipment up and running efficiently in ... See more

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New hot designs right in time for hunting season. They are not cases or skins, they are iPhone face plate and back plate conversion.

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